29 03 2014

I am way overdue about thanking all the people who helped get my book into the hands of others. I owe much gratitude to Harold Neulieb, for his illustrations. I regret that he was unable to accompany me on my second round of booksignings in the summer of 2013. Harold has been plagued with a number of health issues and I truly hope he is doing much better.

I want to thank artist/photographer Lee Hibbs for suggesting that Harold and I present a program at the Hour Glass Museum in Portage, IN. The experiential “workshop” was lots of fun, and a bunch of new haiku poets made their informal debut. I also want to thank Pierre at the IN Dunes National Lakeshore Visitors Center for scheduling the booksigning and talk at the Center’s auditorium.

Much gratitude goes out to Helen and Doug, Jan (sadly, no longer with us on this side of the veil), Alex, Alexa and Chris, for their ongoing support. Special thanks to fellow HM alum Cheryl Anderson (her maiden name) for her help spreading the word about the book to other HM grads via Facebook. To fellow writer and HM alum Rojer Atkin for his kind words; to Bob and Jane Stanley, for taking copies to sell at the Beverly Shores Depot Museum; to Judy Gregurich, for her willingness to host me and Harold at the Chesterton Art Center; to the wonderful reporter [whose name I have forgotten, shame on me] at the Times of Northwest Indiana for her overwhelming article about me and my book and who gave me 15 minutes of haiku rock star fame on the front page of the feature section of the Times; to the Save the Dunes crew who shared their booth at the European Market so I could sell my books there; to Nick Grubnich and his new wife, and to Tom Serynek for stopping by for a copy and a chat.  And thanks to the anonymous readers out there who purchased my book at Amazon.com.

Here in Arizona I want to thank former Hoosier and Purdue “rival” Mary Butler, and Aggie Barry, Cheri Coburn and Fran Scully for their high praise and support. Not to mention Jean Wilder and Steve Kieffer, along with Linda H. and Ginger Lindquist–all haiku students penning new work together in our OLLI class.

Please forgive me if I left anyone out.

It is now up to Jean, Steve and Ginger to continue the string of Talking Landscapes books. Mine was the first published volume. I’m still hopeful that Jean will finish her San Diego volume, that Ginger will complete her haikus of Hawaii, and that Steve will get around to visiting all the other dunes across the country to compile his dunes volume. You might just see Steve in your neck of the woods someday: he still drives his World Happiness Party giraffe van to various spots around the U.S. Honk, or better yet, stop and say hello–he’s a very interesting conversationalist.

I will be launching a new writing project in a totally different genre in the near future. Part of it might touch upon the magic of the Indiana dunes, since I left a big chunk of my heart there.

How does that new t-shirt slogan go? Here it is: THE LAKE IS CALLING AND i MUST GO….

Upkeep notes

10 02 2013

I am doing some housekeeping here at this site, so will close down the posts until next month. Keep checking back…

IDNL Visitors Center Presentation Set

8 02 2013

I have been working with Jean-Pierre Anderson, ranger in charge of park programs at the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, to schedule a presentation this summer. Here is what we have come up with:

Program: Talking Landscapes
Date:  Saturday Aug. 3
Time:  12:00-12:30, presentation; 12:30 – 1:00, book signing
Location: Indiana Dunes Visitor Center
 Author Paula McHugh and Illustrator Harold Neulieb will present a short program focused on their favorite places within the dunes, based on the contents of their book, Talking Landscapes: Indiana Dunes Poems. If you are new to the dunes, you can discover favorite places to visit during your stay. If you are already familiar with the dunes, then come share your own favorite places. After the presentation, McHugh and Neulieb will be on hand to sign their book.

New Twitter Handle

2 02 2013

I’ve changed my Twitter name to duneswriter. It was formerly “cyberscribbles,” from my blog of long-running columns in The Beacher. The CyberScribbles blog, along with RazMaTaz, my Arizona blog, are currently inactive. Notice that my avatar has changed as well. The dunes photo, taken by me more than a dozen years ago, appears on the front cover of Talking Landscapes (see photo). My new name at WordPress, not to be confused with the blog name, is IndianaDunesPoet.

Summer 2013 Plans

19 01 2013

I have been invited as a guest presenter by the Ogden Dunes Historical Society to put on a program at their Hour Glass Museum. Right now it’s probable that we will do a mini-haiku workshop where every dunes lover present can participate in creating their own haiku or two. Should be lots of fun. Keep the last Saturday in July open for this event!

Talking Landscapes–Indiana Dunes Poems

19 01 2013

Talking Landscapes--Indiana Dunes Poems

This is the real cover of the book. The scene is of a winter lake seen from Dunes State Park (just west of the pavillion). I took this photo circa 1996 with my Canon AE-1–a film camera.

More Good News

2 10 2012

The Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore (actually their parent, Eastern National) has ordered a dozen copies of the book for the IDNL Visitors Center in Porter, IN. I am very happy that more people will be able to find my book.